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About Aidan Montague 

A Professional Engineer by background. Member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia MIEAust (formerly a Chartered Member). Instrumental in the establishment in Australia, of Tech giant, Cisco Systems - followed by multiple senior sales/marketing roles with Cisco internationally. Has held board positions and consulted to many private and publicly listed companies in Australia – including RESIMAC Ltd – Australia's #1 Non-Bank. Extensive chair and non-exec director level, board experience on both ASX listed and private companies in Australia. 

 a  Systems-Based Approach  to  Transforming your Business  
into a Sales and Marketing Rocket Ship

engineer your business for growth
  • Business owners and senior executives are confused, overwhelmed and frustrated by sales and marketing advice, from multiple sources, that is often conflicting, fad-based, driven by hype and ineffective. We provide powerful insights that solve that problem.
  • This book gives the senior executive a practical, systems-based framework that will put the choices into perspective – and ensure that the sales and marketing budget(s) deliver a clear Return on Investment (R.O.I.).

  • Provides a clear distinction between sales and marketing principles that always work and fleeting tactics that may work for a short time – only to be discarded when things change.
  • By focusing primarily on the principles, we are much better equipped to assess the value (or otherwise) of the proposed tactics and vastly improve our decision making.

  • Demonstrates that, in the digital age, the only form of marketing that will work for small/medium businesses is straightforward, logical, measurable and systems-based. i.e., an engineering approach.

    In short, we will treat your sales and marketing as an engineering problem and apply an engineering solution to it. I think you will find that both practical and profitable.

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6 Key Marketing Insights 
for Engineers

We know that traditional "hypey" marketing does not work for sophisticated technical audiences. In fact the only marketing that works today is measurable, driven by analytics and based on logical systems - an engineering .approach!

Real World Case Studies - Engineering Firms 

We did not find one Engineering firm that was applying all of the insights (with one possible exception - from New York). However, some local firms are doing an excellent  - particularly online. Just download the report.and find out why.

Step by Step System - applicable to the rest of us!

All of the insights described in the report can easily by applied to our own engineering firms. In addition, we describe a systemized step by step approach that can be applied to attract "ideal clients" and to grow the business rapidly.

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 Carl Jackson 

 CEO OzSale - Australia's Number 1, Members Only, Online Store , Sydney


“I have been blown away by Aidan’s depth of knowledge in online sales and marketing. He really knows how to drive traffic and convert to sales"

 Mark Lapins 

 CEO Quantify Technology - Perth Australia, ASX Listed Start-up 


“Aidan has been an invaluable sounding board and mentor to myself and the entire Quantify team as we embark upon our journey from small tech start-up to a successful ASX listed entity. His real world sales and marketing experience, as well as his foresight and vision, have been invaluable, as we position Quantify to be a global market leader in our sector."

 David Westerman 

 MD, State Custodians
Home Loans NSW Australia 


This has been a major growth year for State Custodians and Aidan's online marketing guidance has been invaluable"

 Dr Peter Kerrisk 

 Periodontics & Implants,
Perth Western Australia


“Aidan, and the team were spectacular for coordinating, developing, and uploading videos around my business to the net. The integration of video to our website and YouTube channels, has seen over 150,000 views on just one video. This is noticeable with many patients now being well educated about what our business can offer when they present for a consultation with us. The money was well spent! Thank you”

engineer your business for growth

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