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Aidan Montague MIE Aust

My Name is Aidan Montague

I am Civil/Structural Engineer by background. Shortly after graduation, I went to work on various offshore (and also land) drilling rigs in Indonesia (Pertamina) and the NW shelf of Australia (Woodside). Whilst working on these "wildcat wells" was great experience, I felt that I needed to get a proper Engineering job, which I eventually managed to do - with Mining and Engineering Consultants (Minenco Pty Ltd) part of the CRA (Rio Tinto) Group.

Minenco hired me as Graduate Structural Engineer and immediately put me to work on projects for Hamersley Iron, in the Pilbara, and Westralian Sands in the South West of WA. After a 3 Year stint with Minenco, designing steel and concrete structures, I accepted a job with Electric Power Transmission (EPT) who had a contract with Alcoa, in Pinjarra in Western Australia. I was Site Engineer in charge of a 60 man crew, quoting and installing (mainly pipework) and some steel and concrete projects at the Pinjarra Refinery. I later went on to work for Fluor Australia as a Structural Design Engineer on the Eloura Zinc Project, Cobar NSW.

During all of this, I had been using various computer analysis packages, for structural steel and piping design, and that led me to a career change from the world of Engineering to the worlds of Computers and Communications. I accepted a job with International Computers Limited (ICL) supporting the structural/piping packages that I had been using as a client back at Minenco. Before long, I found myself being trained in sales and marketing, in the computer industry and eventually going onto to work for a myriad of (US based) computing vendors, in sales/sales management roles. These included ICL, Wang, Data General, Prime Computer, Pyramid and Network Solutions.

I was very fortunate, in that my boss at Network Solutions, Richard Freemantle, invited me to accompany him to Menlo Park in the San Francisco Bay Area, back around 1990, to visit a fledgling technology company, called Cisco Systems. At that time, Cisco were starting to make waves in Silicon Valley – and were seeking to establish a direct presence in Australia. To cut a long story short, Cisco authorised Richard and I to set up Cisco Systems Australia. In 1991 I opened the Cisco Melbourne office and Richard opened the Sydney office. We were a two man show with Richard being the Country Manager and myself reporting to him as Southern Region Sales Manager. We set up a very aggressive, sales organisation, and before long, Cisco Australia was one of the better performing global subsidiaries.

That led to 10 year stint with Cisco Systems Inc, in various international roles including:

  • Southern Region Manager – Melbourne
  • Manager, Internet Business Unit – London
  • General Manager, Sub Saharan Africa – Johannesburg
  • Director, Strategic Alliances, Asia Pacific – Singapore

In 2000. I co-founded media company, GlobeVista Pty Ltd and together with my partner, documentary maker, Tanya Izzard, we still provide video production services to many corporate clients. More recently, my focus has been in the area of digital sales and marketing and I have held Board seats and consulted to many private and ASX listed companies in Australia – including RESIMAC Ltd – a member of the Duncan Saville Group of companies. 

In 2017, I felt the urge to apply some of the sales/marketing training and experience that I had been fortunate to acquire in the Technology space, back into the world of Engineering. I have always felt that Professional Engineers (and Engineering firms ) were much too modest about their achievements and that other professions did a much better job of marketing their expertise, products and services.

Ironically, as the Internet has evolved, I am convinced that in 2019 and beyond, marketing has become an Engineering problem!

In fact, the ONLY marketing that works today is MEASUREABLE, driven by ANALYTICS and based on LOGICAL systems – all the things that ENGINEERS have been trained to understand and apply.

So, that is why I have created Engineering Marketing Consulting (EMC).

My goal is simple, to work with Professional Engineers and Engineering firms, to improve how we market ourselves, grow our businesses and reap the benefits of all of that hard work. As Professional Engineers, I think we are uniquely placed to do just that.

I am very much looking forward to working with you!

Aidan Montague, MIEAust

Perth, Western Australia
July 2019