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How to Grow Your Business with SPEED – Using a Proven, Engineering Based, Approach – The New Rules of the Digital Age

SPEAKER: Aidan Montague MIE Aust

Are you tired of spending money on marketing that does not work, particularly when you are marketing a complex product, or service, to a sophisticated technical audience?

In this important, insightful and practical session you’ll discover:

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    Why, as the Internet has evolved, marketing has become an engineering problem – with practical, metrics based engineering solutions.
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    Why the only form of marketing that is working today, for small and medium sized businesses, is one driven by analytics, logical thinking and measurable results.
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    Why the money you are currently spending on your advertising is likely being wasted.
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    Why the pursuit of the #1 spot on Google is an elusive myth and what you should focus on instead.
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    How to identify the constraint (or bottleneck) in your business today. It is likely not where you think it is.
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    And most important, a proven, practical, step by step framework, that you can start applying today to improve your marketing and boost your revenue/profits accordingly.


If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or have been assigned the responsibility to grow a business (Engineering or otherwise) then this talk is for you.

Many of the principles covered have long predated the internet. However, in many cases the internet has served to amplify their effectiveness and certainly to speed things up. We have never before been able to apply such a level of certainty and accountability to our marketing spend – both offline and online.

Above all, this talk will introduce a blueprint for action and a step by step roadmap to gaining a competitive edge in the market place.

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