​​​​How it Works

Engineers and Technology Founders are not generally fans of conventional, “hypey” marketing that just does not work when it comes to marketing to a sophisticated audience

Here is why:

In 2020, marketing is an Engineering problem!

In fact, the ONLY marketing that works today is MEASUREABLE, driven by ANALYTICS and based on LOGICAL systems – all the things that ENGINEERS have been trained to understand and apply

I’m Aidan Montague and I understand your business. I am a Professional Engineer by background and I started my career in consulting practices (as a Structural Design Engineer) and also on site - in the real world of engineering construction.

More recently, I have ran sales and marketing teams for some of the world’s leading technology companies both in Australia and internationally.

What this means for you is that I can draw upon proven experience, from these diverse worlds, to help you set up your practice for rapid growth.

What’s more, I can provide you with the “step by step” systems to achieve such growth and I can show you the metrics that support these systems.

I call it my BUSINESS MULTIPLIER SYSTEM (BMS) and it is the exact system that I have perfected over many years to deliver proven sales results in the highly competitive Technology world where the sales/marketing process was also to a very sophisticated technical audience.

This is the type of audience who are not swayed by hype but who do their own extensive research, assess the facts and have a clear set of buying criteria before they even bother talking to a salesman. Sound familiar? As the owner/principal of an engineering practice, or technology start-up, I expect that this is the type of client that you deal with on a daily basis.

The Business Multiplier System (BMS) is applied as follows:

STEP 1 – BMS ASSESSMENT i.e. Make an assessment today in EACH of the separate systems above – Apply a “BMS SCORE” – template/metrics provided

STEP 2 – IDENTIFY PROBLEM(S) - Identify the constraints/bottlenecks in each of the separate systems. Choose ONE problem/constraint (usually the worst one – the weakest link)

STEP 3 – Get BUY-IN. - Drive from the top. The management team must be fully supportive.

STEP 4 – ACTION STRATEGY – Agree on best strategy to solve the problem

STEP 5 – MASSIVE ACTION – Delegate action(s) to totally eradicate the problem/constraint. The constraint will move to another area.

I like to apply 30 Day improvement cycles and re-assess at the end of each 30 Day period. It is possible to run say 2 or 3 improvement cycles, in parallel during any given month – but not too many. I have found by experience that this rigorous approach is an extremely potent way to improve the performance of the business.

My clients, are provided with all the necessary templates, scoring metrics and reporting tools in order to drive the system

I look forward to helping you apply these proven systems to help you grow YOUR engineering business.

I believe that I have a unique combination of skills that span Engineering, Technology – and also Sales/marketing. I have a passion for all of the above – and I strongly believe that I can help you grow your practice – with SPEED.

Together, we will map out an ENGINEERING solution to your MARKETING problem.

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