Business Development System


Why did I develop the system?

The Business Development System (aka the “Rocket Ship”) is a graphical representation of your business as a working system. You should regard it as a framework that puts all sales and marketing activities into perspective.

I have found this approach to be extremely valuable when talking to CEOs or Boards of Directors. They don’t want to be concerned about the minutiae (nor should they). They just want a high-level picture of what is working and what is not.

In recent years I have been involved at board level on many companies, and I have found that when we report, using this framework, the board members immediately get it and are engaged.

By contrast, when we trot out the usual marketing reports showing the stats of the latest social media campaign, everyone’s eyes glaze over, and people start looking at their watches. 

If you would like me to "embed' this system seamlessly into your own business for both traditional (face-to-face) and online business development call me now: 

The Problem:

In working with multiple tech startups, engineering groups and others that sell complex products and services, I have found that most organisations have a very unstructured approach to business development.

Converting prospects into clients is tough! What makes it even more difficult is that hypey digital marketing techniques are largely ineffective with sophisticated decision makers.

Sure, both traditional marketing and digital marketing do have their place - but it is often difficult for marketers to fully grasp the value proposition to the degree necessary to appeal to prospective clients. It is as though marketers and engineers/tech founders are speaking a different language.

There is a massive communication gap - and that is why even the most skilled marketers struggle to create effective campaigns for these types of companies.

The Solution:

A structured framework that is measurable, driven by analytics and resembling a "construction project" in its implementation.

I call this the Business Development System (BDS) (aka the "Rocket Ship"

Business Development System


In this system we focus on the tools to enable you to become the leader in our niche. For some (e.g. a global consultant or tech start-up), that means global leadership. For a local  business, that means becoming a leader in our geographic area.


Convert to leads/sales. Build the database. The money is in the database. This where the rubber meets the road. Conversion is tough! We have developed a structured "conversion engine" that you can apply to traditional business development (face to face) and also online prospecting.


This is the sexy bit. However it is NOT the starting point. We should be wasting money on lead generation if we are doing a poor job converting the leads that we have already got. Multiple lead/ traffic sources. One target market at a time.

Stage 04 - REFERRAL

Structured approach. Usually word of mouth. Should not happen by "accident." Should be driven by a system. We deliver that structured system to deliver qualified leads on a continuous basis.


Increase client spend, on our products and services, over time. Repeat purchases are critical. We cannot expect to scale until we have the other components of the system in place. From that point forward our growth can be rapid and "frictionless". i.e. Leads and conversion to sale become systemised. We are well on the way to dominating our slice of the market!