​​​​Frictionless Business Development Process

Business Development Process

Business Development Process

What is a  Frictionless Business Development Process?

The business development process can be improved dramatically if we remove all "friction" from the process. By"frictionless", I mean removing all resistance to the sale. Ideally we should provide a "slippery slide" from first client contact to closing the sale.

Frictionless - achieved with or involving little difficulty; effortless. This is the literal definition. In the business development context, this means that we must create such a compelling argument, for our product our service, that our prospect is eager to buy without hesitation - Aidan Montague

The business development process can be broken down into five (5) distinct stages or systems. We want to continuously improve each system independently - and in doing so we improve the entire system.

  1. 1
    Stage 1 - Positioning
  2. 2
    Stage 2 - Conversion - How to Improve Leads to Sales Conversion Rates 
  3. 3
    Stage 3 - Leadgen
  4. 4
    Stage 4 - Referral
  5. 5
    Stage 5 - Accelerate

It is important to note that small improvements in EACH system have a multiplier effect on the performance of the total system. For instance, if we improve each system by only 10%, we could reasonably expect a 100% improvement in the total system. So, to double sales in a given time-frame, we may only need to improve each component by say 10%.

The Problem:

The problem in most organisations is that there is no process for business development. We are often reliant on the expertise of individuals - and their ability to open doors and convince prospects to buy.

If we systemise our approach, we can expect a substantial increase in sales.

The Solution:

The solution is to have a system in place that is measurable and repeatable - for each product line or service offering.

The above system can be (and should be) optimised for EACH product or service. The process will remain the same - but the  the value proposition will vary. 

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